Toomas Luman

An engineer with a diploma in industrial and civil engineering from Tallinn Polytechnic Institute (today: Tallinn University of Technology), Toomas Luman is one of the founders of the Nordecon group and has been involved in the activities of the Group through its board and council for 35 years. Besides construction companies, he has held senior positions at various other enterprises (Tallinna Kaubamaja AS, E-Betoonelement AS, Väokivi OÜ, Eesti Energia AS, etc). He is an active member of the community and has contributed to the development of the business environment, education and national defence. For over 28 years he has led the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has participated in the work of the professional association of Estonian construction enterprises. As chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, he was actively involved in preparatory activities for Estonia’s accession to the EU and the euro-zone. Before Estonia joined the EU, Toomas Luman acted for four years as chairman of the consultative committee of the head of the Estonian state delegation in EU accession negotiations (the minister of foreign affairs). He has been awarded the Order of the White Star of the Republic of Estonia (Fifth Class, Third Class and First Class) and he has received various awards from the Estonian defence forces, the Estonian National Defence League and other state and non-profit organisations. He has also received state awards from several foreign countries.
Membership in the governing bodies of other organisations: Luman ja Pojad OÜ and its subsidiaries and associates (including Nordic Contractors AS, chairman of the board), Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (chairman of the board), Nõmme Private Education Foundation, Foundation for Promoting National Defence, Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association
Interests (exceeding 5%) in other companies: Luman ja Pojad OÜ and its subsidiaries and associates (including Nordic Contractors AS, Arealis AS, Arealis Holding AS and Nordecon AS), TL Holdinginvesteeringud OÜ

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