Privacy policy

Important information regarding personal data of clients and cooperation partners

We hereby inform that we use personal data of contractual representatives of cooperation partners only for concluding of contracts and performance of these contracts and retain personal data until the end of retention period of the concluded contracts.

In case you contact us in connection with a real estate object of interest to you, we may use your personal data for making you an offer and conclude and perform contracts in case of real estate sale.

In certain cases, personal data may include name, e-mail, personal identification code or date of birth, telephone number and other similar data, in some cases also and address and position.

If you contact us requesting information about a real estate object of interest to you, we shall retain your personal data for the period of one year as of the initial contact. If you shall enter a contract with us for purchasing an apartment ownership, we shall retain you personal data for the period of one year as of the end of the warranty period of the apartment ownership.

Personal data submitted to us by our cooperation partners or clients may be shared and processed by Nordecon AS and third parties providing us with services and acting on our behalf to the extent necessary for performance of a contract entered into with a client or co-operation partner. If so required by law, your private data may also be disclosed to competent authorities.

We do not distribute, use, modify or disclose private data entrusted to us in any other way except if we have a respective agreement with the client or cooperation partner or disclosure of such information arises from valid legislation. We apply appropriate measures to protect personal information form accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access.

In case you receive offers from us without having provided us with your information or requested information, please contact us by e-mail:

What data Nordecon collects about the website users and how this information is used.

Nordecon wants to make its homepage as easy to use by the visitors as possible. For this purpose, Nordecom needs to know which pages are used by different visitors, which web browsers they use and how they move between different websites. Data is collected and analysed with “Google Analytics” software; more specific information about collected data and analysing possibilities are available on this address.

If you want to prevent your visiting data from being used for such analysis, you can add a respective additional application to your browser from here.

Cookies are information the browser stores in user’s appliance and their purpose is to store the user’s personal preferences (chosen language, username, etc).  The user can disable cookies in his/her browser, but this may reduce the convenience of the website.   Expiry time of a cookie in user’s equipment is short and usually under one month. If you wish to disable or delete cookies, you will find the instructions in the user manual of your web browser. Information about user’s visits is anonymous and can be accessed only by a small group of Nordecon employees.

Servers hosting our homepage store information about queries that are used solely for technical purposes to ensure compliant functioning of the homepage and for troubleshooting in case of malfunctioning of the website.  This data can be accessed by Nordecon’s IT employees and technical employees of the company offering the server hosting service.

Nordecom website enables additional enquiries by entering your personal data. This data is used only according to the need arising from the query and is stored according to the terms and conditions allowed by the user upon data entry.

In case of suggestions or questions about personal data processing, please contact:

If you feel that your rights to privacy have been violated, please submit a claim to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate. If your permanent place of residence is in another EU member country, the contact information of the respective organisation can be found here.