About us

Nordecon AS (formerly Eesti Ehitus), founded in 1989, is one of the largest construction groups in Estonia that operates in nearly every segment of the construction market.

For years, the cornerstones of our business strategy have been a clear focus on general contracting and project management and the policy of maintaining a reasonable balance between building and infrastructure construction. To support the core business, we have gradually extended our offering with various ancillary services such as concrete works, road maintenance, etc.

Nordecon offers high-quality professional service in the construction of commercial, industrial and public buildings and infrastructure assets.



Estonian-Finnish joint venture SRV Eesti Ehitus OÜ is established

Estonian owners

Finnish partner is bought out, the group is renamed Eesti Ehitus


First foreign market: first construction contracts are signed in Ukraine

Going public

Shares of the parent of Eesti Ehitus are listed on the Nasdaq OMX Tallinn


The group is renamed Nordecon


First concrete works contracts are signed in Finland


The group starts building an apartment building in Stockholm

Going digital

First completely paperless construction project is completed

Going green

Nordecon started using only green energy sources


Maret Tambek

Chairman of the Management Board

Tarmo Pohlak

Member of the Management Board, Construction

Priit Luman

Member of the Management Board, Real estate development and foreign markets

Toomas Luman

Chairman of the Council, Nordic Contractors AS

Andre Luman

Member of the Council, Nordic Contractors AS

Andri Hõbemägi

Member of the Council, Nordic Contractors AS

Sandor Liive

Member of the Council, independent

Vello Kahro

Member of the Council, independent

Tarmo Pohlak

Member of the Management Board, Construction

Erkki Suurorg

Head of Civil Engineering Division

Deniss Berman

Head of Budgeting and Special Works Division

Elari Valmas

Head of Budgeting and Purchasing Department

Katrina Šokman

Head of Real Estate Development Department

Madis Kerner

Head of Design Department

Tanel Kivipõld

Head of the Special Works Department

Tiiu Pirbe

Head of the Procurement Department

Maret Tambek

Chairman of the Management Board

Hannes Must

Head of Quality Department

Mart Moldau

Head of IT Department

Mirjam Mikkin

HR and Communications Manager

Tatjana Boiko

Head of Group Function Accounting

Helin Kikerpill

Head of Legal

Andres Salusaar

Chairman of the Management Board of Embach Ehitus OÜ

Kaspar Kaldjärv

Chairman of the Management Board of Tariston AS

Yurii Petryk

CEO of Eurocon Ukraine TOV

Priit Luman

Member of the Management Board of SweNCN AB



To be the preferred partner in the construction industry for customers, subcontractors and employees.


To offer our customers sustainable building and infrastructure construction solutions that meet their needs and fit their budget and thus help them maintain and increase the value of their assets.


As industry professionals, we apply appropriate construction techniques and technologies and observe generally accepted quality standards. Our people are results-oriented and go-ahead and successfully combine their extensive industry experience with the opportunities provided by innovation.
We are reliable partners – we always keep our promises. Together we can overcome any construction challenge and achieve the best possible results. We act openly, transparently and consistent with the best practices of the construction industry.
We value balanced teamwork and create the best possible environment for sharing knowledge and experience. We notice and recognise each employee’s contribution and initiative.
We uphold responsibility and sustainability in the construction sector and contribute to the achievement of the sustainable development goals supported by society both through our own activities and in cooperation with other market participants.


Nordecon has implemented an integrated management system to make sure that work is done and delivered as agreed with the customer, properly, reliably, professionally, sustainably and safely so that our customers, employees, owners and other stakeholders are satisfied.

The compliance of Nordecon’s management system with the quality management standard ISO 9001, environmental management standard ISO 14001 and occupational health and safety management standard ISO 45001 is verified by certificates issued by DNV:

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001 2015
ISO 45001:2018

The certificates apply to the following products and services:  construction design, general contracting and project management; property development.
As a responsible company, we have implemented the following


  • We observe all applicable legal and other requirements.
  • We increase reliability through transparent, fair and ethical activities.
  • We evaluate risks and seek improvements across the entire service lifecycle.
  • We offer innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • We are flexible and keep up with market trends.
  • We improve employee competence and invest in development and accountability.
  • We improve the work environment and adopt measures to ensure high employee performance.
  • We use environmentally friendly technologies, machinery and materials.
  • We control and, wherever possible, avoid or reduce the adverse effects of hazardous factors.
  • We involve our employees and business partners in increasing environmental and occupational safety and awareness.
  • We consistently improve our management system to increase its functionality and effectiveness.

Digital construction

Digital construction, which means the use of various digital solutions, is part of our daily work.

The purpose of digital solutions is to make work more efficient, transparent and systematic, so that we can better analyse our activities and make smarter decisions.

  • We use Building Information Modelling (BIM), i.e. 3D models, in all our projects, which helps prevent mistakes on the construction site. The as-built model delivered to the customer facilitates building documentation management and simplifies subsequent property maintenance.
  • All documents related to our construction projects are generated digitally. Practically no project documents are signed on paper. Construction site digitalisation helps increase transparency and efficiency.

Nordecon is an active member of the board of the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster, where we contribute to the development of
digital construction in Estonia.

Our role in society

Nordecon has the strongest social impact through well-planned and safe construction processes and high-quality end-results: buildings and infrastructure assets. However, we also strive to contribute by supporting the development of the construction industry, the engineering profession and young talent. We work closely with professional associations, universities and professional qualification authorities in all matters related to the construction business. Promoting the engineering profession is particularly important in order to make the construction business more attractive for young talent and ensure that new construction engineers will continue to enter the labour market. We annually participate in career fairs, offer internship opportunities to students and support various activities aimed at young people.

Nordecon is one of the founders and major annual sponsors of the Nõmme Private School and cooperates closely with Tallinn University of Technology. Every year we award the Heinrich Laul scholarship to a young professor or researcher and two engineering scholarships to construction studies undergraduates of Tallinn University of Technology.

For years we have been supporting the Estonian Defence Forces – under a long-term support agreement with the National Defence Promotion Foundation we help recognise the best officer and the best non-commissioned officer serving in the Estonian Defence Forces. We also support Tallinna Linnateater to help one of the capital’s best theatres offer wonderful experiences to theatre lovers.

Nordecon group

The Nordecon group has several subsidiaries which operate in the construction market. In addition to the parent Nordecon AS, general contractor services are offered also by Embach Ehitus OÜ.

The subsidiary Tariston is involved in infrastructure construction and year-round maintenance of national roads. Tariston leases out heavy construction equipment and provides contractor services.

In foreign markets Nordecon operates through local subsidiaries: in Ukraine through Eurocon and in Sweden through Swencn.

Group structure at 11 December 2023 with interests in subsidiaries: