Building construction


Building construction

Nordecon has extensive and diverse building construction experience. We have built a broad range of office, commercial, apartment and public buildings. Our core strength is expertise in the construction of large and complex assets, but our team is also happy to undertake smaller projects.

We can manage the entire construction process from design and environmental planning to construction and purchasing, both as a project manager or a general contractor. We have all the necessary know-how to help achieve the desired outcome: we work with the customer and propose the optimum solution.

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Our projects

Infrastructure construction

Infrastructure construction

There are few companies in Estonia that have as diverse a portfolio of complex infrastructure projects as Nordecon.

We are proud of the unique expertise and experience of our team that can deliver innovative high-quality solutions to the most challenging construction and renovation projects.

Our past projects include:

  • Port quays and facilities and other hydraulic structures
  • Bridges and viaducts
  • Outdoor water and wastewater networks, pumping stations, drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities
  • Landfills and storage areas
  • Outdoor utility networks and water treatment facilities
  • Railway infrastructure including base and superstructure, facilities, electrical and automation systems

Our portfolio includes a lot of high-profile landmark projects.

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Erkki Suurorg

Erkki Suurorg

Head of Civil Engineering Division

Our projects

Property development

Nordecon has long-term property development experience in several Estonian cities, notably in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. We have mainly developed apartment projects, both single buildings and complete housing estates.

Contact us when you have an idea – we are always happy to set up new partnerships.

Katrina Šokman

Katrina Šokman

Head of Real Estate Development Department

Our projects

Kivimäe Süda

Exclusive homes in Nõmme.

Seileri Kvartal

New residential quarter in the centre of Pärnu

Võidujooksu 8c, Tallinn

Modern apartment building in Tallinn, Võidujooksu Street.

Aruküla tee 2, 4, 6, Tartu

Aruküla tee 2, 4, 6, Tartu

Hane 2/2a, Tallinn

Hane 2, 2a, Tallinn

Haki 7, Haraka 6, Tartu

Haki 7, Haraka 6, Tammelinn, Tartu

Magasini 29, Tallinn

Magasini 29, Tallinn

Other services

Design services

Nordecon’s business lines include also building design management. In our daily work, we increasingly use building information modelling (BIM). We have a dedicated team of experts who coordinate modelling and create the models.

Madis Kerner

Madis Kerner

Head of Design Department

Road construction

Road construction projects are run by our subsidiary company Tariston. We deliver large-scale and technically complex road works all over Estonia:

  • Road and street construction (including utility networks)
  • Infrastructure construction in urban public space
  • Bridge and tunnel construction
  • Surfacing and base construction
  • Asphalt concrete paving
Kaspar Kaldjärv

Kaspar Kaldjärv

Chairman of the Management Board of Tariston AS

Concrete works

Nordecon’s subsidiary NOBE (Nordecon Betoon) specialises in general contracting, concrete works and assembly of reinforced concrete elements.

NOBE’s engineers have considerable experience in delivering concrete projects of all sizes:

  • Reinforced concrete structures for buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Post-tensioned concrete solutions
  • Industrial installations
  • Bridges, viaducts and tunnels
  • Concrete tanks
  • Concrete floors

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Road maintenance and traffic management

Nordecon’s subsidiary Tariston provides year-round maintenance works on national roads in Järva County. The service provider is responsible for maintaining the road and the road protection zone, including snow removal and de-icing in the winter, pavement preservation works, arranging road use and other road maintenance activities. Our goal is to ensure safe and stress-free traffic conditions on main and secondary national roads throughout the year.

Tariston also provides complete traffic management solutions – preparing traffic management projects, managing traffic during construction works, and producing and installing stationary traffic control devices.


The aim of the mining unit of Tariston is to support the construction activities of the Group as well as all partners, incl. road maintenance works, with the required fillers and products (crushed stone, crushed gravel, etc.).

Tariston owns more than 20 daily operating bulk material quarries in different parts of Estonia. The quarries are used to supply group companies and business partners with high-quality building material in compliance with all applicable environmental requirements. Development activities aimed at opening new quarries continue to ensure the security of supply of fillers and aggregates in strategic areas, particularly in the proximity of major construction sites.

Further information about the contract details, locations of the quarries, the materials and products supplied and the quality thereof can be found on the website of Tariston AS, subsidiary of Nordecon AS:

Equipment rental

Kaurits is a subsidiary of Nordecon, established in 1998. The main activity of the company is to provide rental services of road construction and earth moving machines as well as to carry out infrastructure work as a subcontractor. The rental park of Kaurits consists of 40 crawler excavators, bulldozers and steamrollers with different specifications. Kaurits also rents out heavy crawler excavators (over 30 tons) equipped with hydraulic hammers.

Kaurits owns a modern maintenance and repair centre is Kose municipality.