Sandor Liive

Sandor Liive is an economics graduate from Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Economics. In 1992-1995, he was a member of the board in the real estate bureau Uus Maa OÜ. In 1995-1998 he was the head and CFO of the financial department of Tallinna Sadam AS and during 1996-1998 also a board member. Since 1998 Sandor Liive worked in Eesti Energia AS, starting as CFO and member of the board, and from 1st of December 2005 until 30th of November in 2014 as the Chairman of the Board. Sandor Liive is chairman of the Audit Committee of Nordecon AS. Sandor Liive has been awarded knighthood of the French Legion of Honour.
Membership in administrative or control bodies of other organizations: Tulundusühistu Tuleva (nõukogu), Inventor OÜ (juhatus), FinEst Bay Area OÜ, GridIO 2.0 OÜ
Interests (exceeding 5%) in other companies: Inventor OÜ, Fermi Energia OÜ, FinEst Bay Area OÜ

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