Andri Hõbemägi

Andri Hõbemägi is an economics graduate of Tallinn University of Technology. From 1993 to 2001 he worked for Hansapank AS (later renamed Swedbank AS). From 2001 to 2002 he was executive manager of football club FC Flora. In 2002 he became CFO of Eesti Ehitus AS (later renamed Nordecon AS). During his term of office the company’s shares were listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange. Currently he is chief analyst with Nordic Contractors AS, the majority shareholder in Nordecon AS. His community activities are aimed at the development of regional education. Andri Hõbemägi is member of the audit committee of Nordecon AS.
Membership in the governing bodies of other organisations: Subsidiaries and associates of Nordic Contractors AS (council), Toidutark OÜ (board), Silberberg und Frau OÜ, Pelgulinna Education Society, Nõmme Private Education Foundation
Interests (exceeding 5%) in other companies: Silberberg und Frau OÜ

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