Maret Tambek

Maret Tambek started working for Nordecon Infra AS as a financial manager in 2007. She assumed the position of head accountant of the group in spring 2010, as of July 2014, Maret Tambek acts as a financial director and as of 01 May 2024 as Chairman of Management Board. Previously, Maret worked for KPMG Baltics AS as an auditor for eleven years. She worked as a specialist for the Bank of Estonia from 1992 to 1996. Maret graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in the field of management and planning of manufacturing in 1989. Maret is certified public accountant and member of the Estonian Auditors’ Association.
As a chairman of the board, Maret Tambek is responsible for general management as well as for financial management and support services of Nordecon AS.
Membership in the governing bodies of other organisations: none
Interests (over 5%) in other companies: Absolvere OÜ

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